The Humor In My Life

People say I’m serious and shy, and they’re probably right. I blame that on my shy nature. I’m not really a funny person, but I do have a a sense of humor. Too much if you ask me (go ahead, ask). I laugh at most jokes, sarcastic remarks, or funny stories that people make. I don’t laugh to make people feel better; I laugh because I really do think those things are funny.

And I’m the worst when it comes to laughing. I don’t just laugh; I snort! I also tend to run out of breathe or tear up when I think something is hilarious. Some people look at me funny when that happens, so I get embarrassed and stop laughing, but I rethink of the funny comment a few minutes later and laugh out loud again. I can’t help that I still find certain knock-knock jokes funny. Sometimes I wish I could be the one who makes people laugh.

I’m too soft-spoken to be funny and my monotone voice doesn’t help me either. People interpret this as me being serious and I don’t like it. To be honest, I don’t take life too seriously and you will know that if you truly get to be my friend. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart, scratch that, I’m a teenager at heart. My jokes consist of sexual innuendos or sarcastic remarks; just like most conversations of adolescents. Being gay makes the sexual jokes a bit more fun to tell (I can go on-and-on about how much I love bananas and white meat, I really do). I guess the only people who laugh at my funny stories are my close-friends. At least, I hope they laugh with me.

That’s the thing about me. I laugh at myself far too much. Sometimes to mask my insecurities or fears, but most of the time I do this because I see the humor in my life. I’m a young gay Latino who has little experience with the outside world and can be naive and gullible, and I find that kind of funny. If I tried to tell you a funny story though, I would laugh before I finish (yeah, I’m that type of person). You would probably laugh awkwardly because you feel bad, but I wouldn’t mind. That face you make will be worth the time. I also make funny faces whenever I’m video chatting with my friends (it’s quite embarrassing). But I find that funny and I start to laugh for some odd reason.

At the end of the day, I’m a person who likes to laugh. Because why not? Sometimes we need a bit of laughter after having a crummy day. A day like when you were excited to hang out with your friends and they cancel on you, so you feel sad and decide to write a post about your sense of humor, and you find that you were smiling throughout because you realize that your sense of humor is what helps you feel happy, and then you can’t help but laugh.