My Life Through Daft Punk

I love Daft Punk. My family and friends all know. Honestly, they look like really humble guys and they seem to put a lot of heart into their songs. Their instrumental house songs are my favorite because I’m allowed the freedom to think of many of my life stories. Songs with lyrics have a story to tell and they can limit your interpretation with words. I’m not always in love or heart-broken, but I do always feel. I think songs without lyrics let you feel more.

My favorite song from Daft Punk is called “Fresh.” The song starts with the sound of waves. In the middle part of the song, the tune forms words that I believe say “Hey, don’t be sad.” Of course, that’s all in my head, so when I listen my imagination starts to wander from the start. I imagine myself being at Laguna Beach during the night. The sky is clear and I could see the stars. Its really beautiful. I’m holding hands with my husband and we’re hearing the waves. All the drama we had and the adversity we faced from family no longer matters. We are in love. We look at each other, kiss, and I am no longer sad.

This story would be perfect if it ended that way. I want to tell you the truth. That scene did happen. Except the person I was holding hands with was my ex; not my husband. Suddenly, the song changes meaning and the scene shifts to me being alone at Huntington Beach (I go there whenever I need to clear my head). I am listening to the waves as the sun sets. I see a girl rolling her jeans up as she walks into the water. She stares off into the distance, looks at me, and smiles. The words “Hey, don’t be sad,” now make perfect sense.

I went to Huntington Beach earlier this month to clear my head.

Perhaps my love of the beach makes “Fresh” a perfect song to hear. Maybe the song has too much sentimental value that it will forever be my favorite. I don’t know. I do know that I love Daft Punk. Their songs have been the soundtrack to my life and now my little brother loves them as well. One thing they have thought me is that I shouldn’t be sad, and you shouldn’t either.

10 thoughts on “My Life Through Daft Punk

  1. thehowlingfantogs says:

    I love Daft Punk too. Their Discovery album soundtracked a whole part of my life when I first moved out of my parents’ and into my first place. Ahh. I love how music can evoke certain emotions.

    • I love Discovery. It had so many catchy tunes and the production was outstanding. I’m glad you were able to relate to my story. I hope the emotions evoked were positive.

  2. i will have to listen to daft punk… sounds like nice music….. i love the beach…. especially laguna… and i, too, go listen to the waves to soothe my soul….. your writing is very interesting, and very heartfelt….. very enjoyable…. 🙂

    • I strongly recommend their music. I can never get tired of hearing the sound of waves. Are you from Orange County? Thank you. I’m still trying to figure out what type of blog this will be, but I”m happy that you are enjoying my blog so far.

      • Oh no!!! Find them on youtube! Must check them out?!?!?! They are awesome. Something Different and Shine Down are a couple to check out. Of course, 1000hp is up there too. The front man, Sully Erna, has solos out and I love them, too. His solos have a lot of instrumental. Then there’s the drum battle they do, Battle De Los Tambores….ok, so I just think they are awesome. LOL

  3. I already knew Daft Punk was awesome, but this makes me want to seek out more of their music. Thanks for re-introducing us to your older blog posts 😉 Did you write this before their “Get Lucky” comeback hit?

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